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Each corporate debt financing is unique due to each company having different characteristics, be it their credit profile, existing lender relationship, growth opportunities or operational structure and management. Deschutes Capital enjoys delivering value to the financing process for our clients with our understanding of the capital markets, debt structuring and corporate operations. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

-David Wyly, President

Middle Market Corporate Finance

Deschutes Capital assist companies with structuring and arranging middle market business loans including asset based loans and cash flow loans, and senior debt or subordinated loans, fixed rate or floating rate loans. We provide flexible financing for working capital, as well as, for long-term capital investments. We will work with you to structure and obtain the debt financing best fit for your company, based on its balance sheet assets, income statement and operating cash flow, subject to current market conditions.

Deschutes Capital can help. We have the ability to work with a wide variety of industries and business credit profiles. Our clients include manufacturers, service companies and distributors.

Most commercial lenders are limited to their underwriting criteria, portfolio concentrations and current lending availability. Deschutes Capital has the flexibility to work with a wide variety of corporate lenders to provide debt financing that meets your company's specific needs. We assist companies through the commercial financing alternatives and assortment of lenders to identify an appropriate financing structure and funding source for your company's specific commercial credit profile.

Please select from the Corporate Financing Solutions menu above for additional corporate financing alternatives to matches your company's needs or just give us a call at (212) 888-5988.

Asset Based Lending

Asset based loans, or companies using their assets for collateral, are the most common form of corporate debt financing. Asset based lenders will adjust their asset based loan advance rate based on the orderly liquidation value of the assets, useful life and other characteristics that effect the liquidation value of the asset over the life of the loan.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Deschutes Capital appreciates working with equity sponsors and management acquisition groups to facilitate their mergers and acquisitions of companies or assets. This can free up substantial amounts of the acquisition team's time to focus on due diligence and valuation issues.

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Subordinated Debt

Subordinated debt or Mezzanine debt business loans are most commonly based on the cash flow generated by the company but can in some instances be based on a higher asset collateral advance rate. In either case, the all in yield needs to be less than your company's return on equity (ROE) or investment opportunity.

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